Central Vermont Arts is a young, growing, non-profit community arts organization that is devoted to creating new art spaces through the restoration and revitalization of historic spaces in Central Vermont. Currently, we have a Memorandum of Understanding with Goddard to work with the Sculpture, Painting, and Design Buildings on campus that have long been out of use. We are also partnering with the Town of Plainfield to restore the historic Plainfield Town Hall and Opera House. We aim to develop a plan for the use of these spaces that is in line with CVA’s mission and purpose:

Our mission:
Central Vermont Arts aims to provide a unique infrastructure for enriching the local economy through community engagement and intentional, lifelong learning with a holistic, creative edge that supports appreciation and incubation of the arts in the Central Vermont area.

Our purpose:
  • Develop the arts and art facilities in Central Vermont communities surrounding the upper Winooski Valley basin
  • Integrate the effort of local arts organizations and artists into an association for the development of the arts in these communities
  • Pool and develop resources for the above purpose

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